LeapServ is committed to perfection. We offer furniture repairs and restorations at your location; this is especially convenient for larger projects. We use proven techniques, and only highest quality products. We always make sure that our work will not conflict with your schedule. Our workmanship is guaranteed. If available, we use water based products. Repair is almost always  more cost and time efficient than replacement. Wood is a natural material and more sophisticated than artificial products. However, wood is more susceptible to damage. We have the solution for: furniture structural repair, precision repair (scratches, nicks and dents) and cabinet restoration/repair, wall mounted bookcases, shelving, wood panels, frames and any colour touch-ups.

On Site Repairs Full support for  Moving Damage  Commercial  & Residential  Bonded & Insured Water & Fire Damage New & Old Furniture Restore and Decor Items.


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Water damage on furniture can range from minor damage or can totally destroy the wood. However in both situations it need to be dried and cleaned to determent whether it is worth to repair and restore or not because a first look can be deceptive. Typically, good, solid, quality, higher-end furniture can be repaired even with extreme water damage and will hold up better after it has been submerged in water. Most of the time low end furniture cannot withstand water damage and the cost of the repair will most likely be more than the original cost of the furniture.


Important is to dry up as much of the water as possible. Use portable fans to assist in the drying process. Moisture in wood can encourage mould growth so drying it is critical.

Once the furniture is completely dried, the damage can be assessed for needed repairs and cost. One important part is if you have insurance, and if replacing is covered by your insurance. With all this we are able to assist in a difficult situation.

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