Are you looking for  quality refurbishes  furniture.?  LeapServ can Help! Ask us about custom refinish furniture and/or colour changing.

Did you just move into a new apartment? Are you looking for an addition to your current furniture? Then take a look what is available in used furniture! We at the LeapServ have some beautiful Furniture, an as good as new table, a nice commode; and many more nice pieces for different interior styles. Everything you buy from us is not only original, but also you get more for less money!

Is it time to refresh your interior?

Often, older furniture is more durable than furniture you buy today.

Do you already have some furniture in mind? Let us help you find this specific furniture piece that will fit in with your style.

Having solid wood furniture is increasingly rare to come by. If you are able to find quality, solid wood furniture for an affordable price, consider yourself fortunate. If it does not look new and has some scratches. That is where we come in. Quality furniture in good condition often may just need a coat of varnish or an oiled finish. Or some sanding before the refinishing Do not hesitate to ask us for advice.

Furniture Repair - Restoration Mob: 647 406 6200
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